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Fast, Accurate, and Customized Get the TOEFL score you need with our AI Tutor

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TOEFLBANK AI is engineered to provide you with the shortest path to your target score

Tired of human graders taking forever to get back to you with feedback? Don't wait any longer — TOEFLBANK AI can be accessed ANYTIME from ANYWHERE.

Automated scoring engine workflow for grading TOEFL scores used by ETS

Even at this moment, TOEFLBANK AI is continuously learning from massive user data records.

Unlike conventional automated scoring engines which rely primarily on rule-based matching, TOEFLBANK AI focuses on Natural Language Understanding based on various deep-learning algorithms. TOEFLBANK AI is constantly learning from massive sets of essay data and is capable of providing consistent and accurate assessments.

Improve your TOEFL score with TOEFLBANK

Stop wasting time with questions you already know. TOEFLBANK AI will identify your weaknesses and help you prepare for materials you find most challenging.

TOEFL reading, writing, speaking, and listening study graph showing time spent studying

Your complete solution for TOEFL preparation

Textbooks or paper-based contents may not be the best way to prepare for TOEFL. TOEFLBANK's practice exams were carefully designed to provide you with 1. Contents resembling the actual TOEFL exam 2. Internet-Based Testing experience 3. Real-time scoring and performance assessment

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'Despite my initial skepticism, I was surprised to see the level of complexity and accuracy of TOEFLBANK's Artificial Intelligence. I believe this service will shift paradigms not just in TOEFL, but in English education itself'

Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Department of English, Professor Gitaek Lee

The best way to improve your TOEFL scores

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